Tapping After Years

I went to my first tap class after 3 years of not dancing.

Technically it was actually a tap cardio class.

I hadn’t realized how weird this would be. Like obviously my body had to adjust but my brain struggled with processing the information and then my body not responding like it used to.

Also my fucking ankle muscles hurt???

I was sweating from places I didn’t know could sweat. My balance sucked, my response time was horrible, and I was winded so fucking quickly. The day after has been even worse. It hurts to walk and I’m sore in the weirdest places.

Did you know you could get a shin split on the side of your leg? At least that’s what I think it is.

I do have to say working out in the morning is a nice jump start to your day. Afterwards, I felt like I could give the least amount of effort on the rest of my day and it will still be a successful day.

I think I will keep going back. It may not be every single week because I am wanting to try a couple different new ways to workout but I will be back.

I’m mostly excited that I signed up for a class and actually went for once!

The lesson for me was that even if something is a habit, it can be broken. It was a habit for me to sign up for classes and then chicken out. I finally broke it.


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