Let’s Clarify

I just want to clarify a few things.

1. You clicked onto my blog. You don’t have to like what I write or agree with me. I love a healthy debate and totally respect your opinion. Hey look at that profile picture. Oh it’s me. Do remember that this is my blog. You can click off at anytime.

2. I try to share perspective but at the end of the day all of this is one sided. It’s my truth. Those people who feel their side is missing have every right to writing their own blog. More power to them.

3. This is my blog so I will delete your negative comments. You have a freedom to posting and I have the power to delete. 😘

4. Remember that this is my space to vent. I purposely don’t share this on my social media outside of my YouTube page. If you know me and found it without the link then FBI goals because you are a stalker or slooth? I get it’s public so anyone has access. I accept that risk.

5. All of my blog posts are written on delay. I schedule my posts months in advance to allow myself time to pull back on posts. Yes it seems current but it usually isn’t.

6. This is my life. Be kind please. Yes like real real life. Dope if I don’t do things the way you prefer but I also don’t expect you to act the way I see fit.

7. Let’s end this at my favorite number. When I write here it isn’t a representation of my daily life in the way you think. Let’s be honest this has become my diary. You probably see more negative or sad posts but weirdly people write less about happiness. I am happy and in a great place and some days I hit a stone and I have to unturn it to process. For example, I see it like when your vacuum stops working and explodes everywhere. My ex was the vacuum. It’s gone and though it may have good memories I’m past it. What I’m not past is the mess it left behind. I do still have to clean everything up and yes sometimes there are sharp objects. You get poked and shit feels tough. Those are the moments that I often feel the need to word vomit for you. Honestly it’s for me. Selfish ass shit. I am not perfect. I will continue to fuck up. I have so much growing and learning to do. What I do know is I am a fucking amazing human being who deserves amazing things. I will continue to be my boss ass bitch self and yes I will continue to post my bullshit for you.

P.S. be careful when offering advice. You may not realize how either damaging, pointless or hilarious it might be. Also unsolicited advice just isn’t cute but if I solicite feel free to dump that shit.

Yo if in this moment you are like shit is she talking about me? Probably not but hey if you feel guilty maybe look in the mirror.

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